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Ohio Courts - Federal, County, Municipal, Mayor's

Welcome to the informational pages for Ohio’s:

County Courts of Common Pleas;

Municipal Courts; and

Mayor’s Courts.

The “Courts” pages contain information on many of Ohio’s Courts.  This information has been compiled through both public information and experience.

You will find information on many of Ohio’s Courts of Common Pleas, Municipal Courts, and Mayor’s Courts.  A Federal Court update will be added soon.  The information was gathered to be of assistance to both clients and attorneys.

These pages are an ongoing work in progress.  Stiefvater Law, LLC is publishing information on Ohio’s Courts as it is compiled.  The information on each court includes, at a minimum, the following:

Court Name;

Court Address;

Judge(s) Names;

Court website;

Clerk of Court;

Online Docket;

Filing Methods;

Basic Court Costs; and

Interactive Map.

While the information contained on each court page is believed to be accurate at the time of publishing, updates may or may not be included.  If you have any additional information or recommended updates, please let us know.