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Every Drug Crime is Serious.  Speak to a Drug Lawyer Immediately

Let there be no mistake – every drug charge is a serious charge.  Even the most minor charges for possession of small amounts of marijuana or paraphernalia can result in a license suspension, loss of commercial driver’s license, and the disqualification of certain federal benefits (for example, financial aid).

Charges range in degree from minor misdemeanor to those resulting in a life sentence.  Charges can be for drug possession, drug manufacture, drug distribution and/or drug trafficking.  Most drug crimes can be charged under both state and federal law.

Let the experienced drug attorneys at Stiefvater Law, LLC defend you for your charges of:

Drug Abuse;
Drug Cultivation;
Drug Distribution;
Drug Manufacturing;
Drug Paraphernalia;
Drug Possession; and
Drug Trafficking

If you are under a local, state, or federal investigation for a drug crime, contact an experienced drug crime attorney immediately.  Do not speak to law enforcement – do not fall for their empty promises.  If there they are offering you a deal, have your drug lawyer broker the deal for you.

If you have already been charged with a drug crime – in municipal, county or federal court – contact Stiefvater Law, LLC to discuss your options and the possible penalties you are facing.