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Injury Lawyer - Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been injured – know your rights! You deserve justice. You deserve compassion. You deserve aggressive representation. Don’t waste one minute waiting for answers when you can get them now! Call to speak to an injury lawyer who cares.

Attorney Robert Stiefvater will explain your rights and answer your questions. He will get you the justice you deserve. Stiefvater Law, LLC's clients are represented by injury lawyers who believe in strength, honesty, and aggressive advocacy from the first phone call to well beyond trial verdict.

For years, Founding Attorney Robert Stiefvater defended corporations, insurance companies, municipalities and law enforcement against personal injury lawsuits. In 2009, Robert stopped defending the big companies against the individual and began representing real people, not bottom lines. Robert knows how cases are defended and understands the process from both sides - this knowledge keeps you and your case in a position of strength. Let his years of experience working for the “other side” help you get justice!

Stiefvater Law, LLC was founded with the individual in mind. If you have been injured, contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. Robert has years of experience with the following types of cases:

Automobile Accidents

Wrongful Death

Premises Liability

Truck Accidents

Excessive Force

Slip/Trip & Falls

Employer Intentional Torts

Lead Paint

If you or a loved one has questions concerning legal rights for any of the listed injuries or medical malpractice call Robert today at 216-867-0421. He can also be reached via email by clicking here.

Don't hesitate - you are just one call away from discovering what Stiefvater Law, LLC and its team of experts can do for you!

Stiefvater Law, LLC practices throughout Ohio's State and Federal Courts. Personal Injury Attorney Robert Stiefvater is also licensed to practice law in Florida.