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Many people assume that traffic violations are minor offenses.  Even the most minor traffic infractions can carry serious ramifications on your ability to maintain your license, insurance, and driving privileges.  Understand the consequences before you pay a ticket.

Conviction of traffic tickets can result in points on your license, increased insurance costs, and even a suspension of your license.  Traffic violations range in degree from Minor Misdemeanor to First Degree Misdemeanor.  Know the penalties you are facing before you show up in court and just plead guilty or no contest.  Depending on the offense, or the number of prior offenses within a set amount of time, even a simple speeding ticket can be classified as a Third Degree Misdemeanor (M-3) – subjecting you to a possible jail term of 60 days!

In most circumstances points, license suspension, and jail sentences can be avoided.  Call a Traffic Attorney to discuss your specific case.

The following is a list of the more common traffic violations:

Assured Clear Distance;


Drunk Driving (OVI);

Wrongful Entrustment;

Reckless Operation;

Hit & Skip (Hit & Run);

Driving Under Suspension (DUS);

Failure to Control;

Expired Operator’s License;

No Operator’s License;

Driving in Marked Lanes; and

Failure to Yield

If you received a traffic ticket for any of the above infractions, or any traffic violation, contact Traffic Lawyer Robert Stiefvater to discuss what Stiefvater Law, LLC can do for you.