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Domestic Violence Lawyer - Criminal Defense Attorney

A domestic violence charge is serious.  The conviction remains on your record forever.  If you have been charged with domestic violence, contact Domestic Violence Lawyers at Stiefvater Law, LLC to discuss your defense.

In Ohio, Domestic Violence is defined in section 2919.25 of the Ohio Revised Code.  The law states that:

(A) No person shall knowing cause or attempt to cause physical harm to a family or household member.

(B) No person shall recklessly cause serious physical harm to a family or household member.

(C) No person, by threat of force, shall knowingly cause a family or household member to believe that the offender will cause imminent physical harm to the family or household member.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the domestic violence charge, as well as the existence or non-existence of any prior domestic violence convictions, a domestic violence charge can be classified as any of the following:

Third Degree Felony;

Fourth Degree Felony;

Fifth Degree Felony;

First Degree Misdemeanor;

Second Degree Misdemeanor;

Third Degree Misdemeanor; or

Fourth Degree Misdemeanor.

Because this charge is one of violence, there are often mandatory prison terms associated with a conviction.

Speak with a domestic violence lawyer to discuss your case and your defense before it’s too late.