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OVI-DUI Reductions - DUI Lawyer

OVI | DUI Reductions

As explained on the Beating an OVI page, a charge of drunk driving can be successfully challenged.  In certain cases, when your DUI Lawyer is able to convince the prosecutors that the case against you is flawed, a reduced charge is offered in exchange for a plea.

Depending upon the facts and circumstances of your case, your drunk driving attorney will either recommend accepting the reduced charge or simply continue defending the charge based on the prosecution's weak case.

In Ohio, there are two typical OVI & DUI reductions:

1.     Physical Control; and

2.     Reckless Operation.

A conviction for Physical Control is a zero point non-moving violation.

A conviction for Reckless Operation is a 4 point moving violation.

If you have questions about the defense of your DUI charge, contact DUI Defense Attorney Robert Stiefvater for a free review of your case.