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Ohio Fake ID Laws - Criminal Defense Attorneys

Have you or someone you know been charged with making, distributing, possessing, or using a fake identification card (fake id)?  If you answered yes, contact the Criminal Attorneys at Stiefvater Law, LLC for a free initial consultation.

Making, selling, and possessing a fake I.D. is considered forgery under Ohio law.  These charges can be either a first degree misdemeanor or a felony.  Technically, using a fake I.D. can easily be classified as a felony offense.  As such, the penalties faced by many underage kids can be very severe.

Call Stiefvater Law, LLC or visit the misdemeanor penalties and felony penalties pages on this website for information on the possible jail sentence and fine that you are facing if convicted of this crime.

Criminal Lawyer Robert Stiefvater has years of experience defending citizens against criminal charges.  Call today to discuss the fake I.D. defense that you deserve. 216-867-0429