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Fight vs Pay Speeding Ticket - Traffic Ticket

Before you pay your ticket online or through the mail you should understand that payment of a traffic ticket is the same as going into a courtroom and entering a plea of GUILTY.

In Ohio, payment of a traffic ticket will often result in points on your license – which frequently leads to higher insurance premiums and can even result in a license suspension.

If you are permitted to pay your ticket without having to appear in court, then your ticket is considered “waiverable”.  A waiverable ticket should be classified as a minor misdemeanor; however, some local codes classify certain moving violations as a more serious misdemeanor – which means that the judge can sentence you to jail!

Contact Stiefvater Law, LLC and speak to a traffic lawyer to discuss the consequences of payment of your ticket.  There is no charge for the initial consultation and you may find out that you can defend your driving record and avoid points on your license.