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Probation Violations can have serious consequences.  Probation is a Court ordered aspect of many criminal sentences.  A probation violation means that your probation officer believes that you violated a term or condition of probation.

A probation violation is not a new criminal charge – but they are serious matters.  If you are found to be in violation the Court can – and often does – sentence you up to the maximum.  The maximum sentence varies from case to case and depends upon the charge for which you were placed on probation – as well as how many days you actually served as part of your original sentence.

If you are facing a probation violation, contact an experienced probation violation lawyer to discuss your case.  Even if you did violate probation, an effective criminal attorney can mitigate the consequences and in many circumstances convince the Court not to impose additional jail time.

Understand the criminal penalties/jail sentence you are facing:

Misdemeanor Penalties

Felony Penalties

Contact Stiefvater Law, LLC and consult with an attorney who regularly defends probation violations.